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Our Top 3 Bourbons You've Got To Try!

November 18, 2015

Our Top 3 Bourbons You've Got To Try!

Basil Hayden 

A higher than usual Rye content makes this a bit spicier than the average Bourbon. It is lighter in body but has some really nice fresh notes. (The guys from the distillery say Peppermint). I get some light honey notes and beautiful dried fruit coming through. If there is something like an all day Bourbon, this is it and for only £35 it's a bargain.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Spicy / Spiced wood, fresh herby notes

Palate: light honey, peppery, mild vanilla and delicate wood

Finish: fresh and clean, dry and short

Michter’s American Whiskey 

Stunning, small craft distillery with lots of different, expensive production processes. Anything from Straight Rye, Sour Mash, Straight Bourbon and this American Whiskey.

OK legally it is not a Bourbon due to the Barrels been previously used to produce the Michter’s Bourbon but that is just a tiny formality we have to overlook. 

Soft, smooth vanilla butterscotch and because of the already once used Barrels the wood goes a little into the background. It has fruit but is not painfully sweet - it goes down just a treat! 

Tasting Notes

Nose: light woody notes, caramel

Palate: Vanilla, soft butterscotch crème brulee and dried fruit

Finish: smooth, ripe fruits

Booker’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Cask strength, Uncut, Unfiltered and Untamed may I add. If you like Wood and all the flavors that come with Virgin Oak then this is your dram.

It is powerful. Intense is not a strong enough word.

You have to experiment. The possibilities are endless and so are the faces and facets of this wonderful Whiskey. It is constantly changing.

I prefer it neat but I always let it sit for 10 minutes in the glass after pouring it from the bottle before I attempt to take a sip. Just to give it a chance to open up a bit and for some excess alcohol to fade away.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Strong Oak, Vanilla,

Taste: very intense wood, burnt sugar, vanilla, nutty

Finish: super long lasting


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