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Christmas Whisky Gifts under £60 - Our Top 3

December 13, 2016

Christmas Whisky Gifts under £60 - Our Top 3

Do you want to give someone a whisky gift for Christmas but want something a little bit different?

You've come to the right place, below are our top 3 choices for whisky gifts under £60 that are all a little different from the normal bottle of malt.

Below are The Whisky Angel's Top 3 Whisky Gifts Under £60 for 2016:

21 Year Old Little Drams Set

  1. Little Drams 21 Year Old Set

If they love older whiskies from big brands but you can't stretch the budget to buy them a full bottle - get them our Little Dram gift set of 21 year old whiskies.

The gift box contains a 3cl of Jura, Glencadam, Glendronach, Glengoyne and Highland Park - all at 21 years old.

So not only will you be giving them 5 really special whiskies but inside the box is also our guide on "how to taste whisky" with an area for them to write their own notes - a whisky lover dream!

Price £55 - click here to buy

Ailsa Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  1. Ailsa Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

One of the new kids on the block, Ailsa Bay released their first-ever single malt this year. Unusually, this is a lightly peated lowland malt which has been matured in a fairly unique way by starting off in the smallest cask size before transferring up in size 4 times to finish maturation in traditional Hogsheads. The result is a perfect balance between smoke and sweetness.

Not only will you be giving them a new and unusual whisky but also the packaging is pretty unique too with the stopper of the bottle containing granite from thefamous Ailsa Craig. We don't think you could get a more Scottish gift!

Price £57 - click here to buy

Nikka Cocktail Gift Set

  1. Nikka from the Barrel Cocktail Gift Set 

Japanese whisky and whisky cocktails have both grown in fame and popularity this year making this gift set the perfect "on trend" Christmas gift for a whisky lover.

This Nikka from the Barrel is an exceptional whisky created from a blend of matured malt whisky and grain whisky. This gift set contains a cocktail glass, pourer and 500ml bottle of Nikka from the Barrel all wrapped up in gift box with information on the philosophy of Japanese whisky.

Price £58 - click here to buy

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