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Christmas Whisky Gifts under £15 - Our Top 3

November 28, 2016

Christmas Whisky Gifts under £15 - Our Top 3

Looking for a whisky stocking filler or small whisky gift?

Our stocking filler ideas are a great way to give someone a little whisky treat this Christmas and you would be surprised at what amazing gifts are available for under £15.

Below are The Whisky Angel's Top 3 Whisky Stocking Fillers for 2016:

Whisky Stones Gift Set

  1. Whisky Stones Gift Pack

Whisky stones are the ideal way to cool your whisky, or any drink, without diluting the taste. Simply put the stones in your freezer to cool and then add them to any drink.

The beauty of them is they will cool your drink but not melt, so your drink doesn't get watered down. Then give them a wash and put them back in the freezer for next time.

This gift set of 9Whisky Stones have been cut from soapstone and come with a black velvet storage bag. A unique and useful gift for a whisky lover this Christmas.

Price £9.50 - click here to buy

Whisky Water Gift Set

  1. Uisge Source Water Gift Pack

The water that you add to your whisky is hugely important as it can either enhance or ruin the flavour. Why not treat the whisky lover in your life to this little gift pack of regional waters from Uisge Source.

With a 200ml bottle each of water from natural springs in the Islay, Highland and Speyside whisky regions, this will allow them to add the water from the same regions as their whisky was made - and not be in danger of ruining their dram!

Price £12.00 - click here to buy

Jura Whisky Miniature Gift Set

  1.  Jura Whisky Miniatures Gift Set

We are often asked which whisky is similar to Jura and we always reply, there is simply nothing else quite like Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky!

So whether they are already a lover of Jura whisky or you would like to treat them to a taste of this distinctive malt, this Jura Whisky Miniatures Gift Set is the perfect whisky gift for Christmas.

Price £13.50 - click here to buy

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