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What is Croftengea Whisky?

March 02, 2017

What is Crotengea Whisky

Introducing Croftengea, a peated single malt from the Loch Lomond distillery.

Among Scotland’s 110 or so malt whisky distilleries, there are many iconic names that need no introduction. However, with so much choice both online and in your local whisky shop, there are many other excellent malt whiskies that can easily go unnoticed. Croftengea is one that falls under even the most sensitive of whisky radars.

Croftengea, meaning “tree of the pledge” in Gaelic, is a single malt produced at the Loch Lomond distillery, one of Scotland’s most versatile. Three types of still are in operation: traditional pot stills, pot stills with rectifying plates, and Coffey stills. Malt whisky is distilled on both types of pot still, with the rectifying plates allowing a lighter, purer spirit to be produced.

This versatility in spirit production allows Loch Lomond to produce a number of different ‘makes’, or spirit profiles. Croftengea is a peated style, using malt with a phenolic content of around 50 parts per million (ppm). This is comparable to the phenol levels of the malt used by Islay’s renowned Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig distilleries (35 – 55ppm).

Despite this, Croftengea has a subtlety not always associated with the more illustrious, heavily peated Islay malts. Mainland peat, over which Croftengea’s barley is most likely dried, lacks the intense smoke, maritime notes, and iodine of Islay peat. Furthermore, the rectifying plates used by Loch Lomond remove many of the heavier, oily components in the spirit.

As a consequence, Croftengea tastes more like a light-medium peated whisky than the numbers would suggest. Intrigued? Why not try one of our personalised bottles straight from cask. Cask #321 is a bourbon hogshead filled in March 2005, with strong hints of vanilla and citrus beneath the smoke. If you’re yet to fall for the rugged charm of peaty whisky, this might just have the softer touch needed to entice you in.

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