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Gin is a spirit with a long history spanning hundreds of years. In simple terms it is a spirit flavoured with botanicals, with Juniper being the predominant flavour. There are two types of gin production:– compounding, where botanicals and flavourings are simply added to neutral spirit, and distilling, where spirit is redistilled with botanicals in stills traditionally used for gin. London Dry Gin is a bit stricter; it only allows water and nothing else to be added after distillation. Gin is currently experiencing a surge in popularity with many new gin distilleries being built and new gin brands appearing on the market. This has also led to an increase in experimentation with flavours. Producers are now looking beyond the classic gin botanicals to find unusual plants and flavours from both exotic climes or from their local environments. The result is a huge variety of styles and favours available in Gins making it a very versatile spirits. Some gins are best served neat, some with tonic or and some can be used to create a whole range of new cocktails.


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