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Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2009

700ML / 50% ABV.


Bruichladdich's Islay Barley 2009 vintage whisky made from barley harvested at Claggan, Cruach, Island and Mulindry farms on Islay. This is trickle distilled in the Bruichladdich style, to keep as much of the delicate flavours of the whisky as possible.

Tasting Notes

Nose: When you first inhale the bouquet it’s like the “The Hills are Alive”, with aromas of yellow flowers in bloom on forest river-banks and heather-covered moorlands, barley fields shimmering yellow and gold, orchards filled with ripe fruits, all embraced by the warm, westerly ocean breeze. This is the beauty of young Bruichladdich spirit; you can reach into its soul and transport yourself to this amazing Island simply by closing your eyes and inhaling. It’s a remarkable harmonious bouquet.

Palate: The olfactory concentration continues onto the palate. On tasting, you will discover that squeeze of lemon, honey, pear and green apple, little hints of tangerine, chocolate, light notes of marzipan, cinnamon and sweet, oaky, vanilla. The harmonious freshness of barley and wild flowers rising on that irresistible marine presence unique to the Islands of Scotland. The taste buds rejoice in the warmth of the spirit and sweetness of the malt; it’s a taste they seldom experience in such generous measures. A miracle on the palate for sure. Islay malt whisky made from Islay grown barley is something that very few people have ever experienced. Now you can understand what’s been missing in your life and never have to wonder again, for you have touched the void!

Finish: The finish is outstanding. How can you say goodbye to a kid that’s stolen your heart with his beauty and honesty. It’s difficult, but it’s not goodbye, because as you enjoy the final drops, John Logan, the farmer at Dunlossit, is about to start ploughing for this year’s harvest – Dream Fulfilled!


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