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Caol Ila

Caol Ila Moch

700ML / 43.0% ABV.


The first Caol Ila release that has been selected entirely on taste rather than age, strength, cask type. This new method of selection is reflected in its name which means "dawn" in Gaelic.

What Our Angels Say

Wow, this is a fabulous young smoke with a sweetness and slight salt. Very pleasant for a lighter peated evening when you're not in the mood for the 3 big boys!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Unreduced, clean and fresh like wet, salty sand after the tide has receded. Some smoke behind, as from an old bonfire. Adding a little water brings up more freshness.

Palate: Unreduced, sweet and salty with a balancing acidity, and fresh as a sea breeze. The trademark clean and smoky character of Caol Ila is here. Appetising. Adding water gives a smoother, softer, sweeter feel, still very maritime, with a nice texture. Sweetly drying overall.

Finish: Quite short, drying and warming with a little bitterness. Lingering smoky aftertaste.


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