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Clynelish Select Reserve - 2014 Diageo Special Release

700ML / 54.9% ABV.


Part of Diageo's 2014 special release, the limited edition Clynelish has been matured in a combination of five wood types and has been released with no age statement.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Clean, bright yellow-gold with fine viscosity.

Nose: Immediate and complex, with a joyous freshness. First, sweet waxy honeycomb cut by sharp, fruity resins. Then the sweetness moves through syrup to creamy butterscotch, balanced by dried raisins and caramelised fruit (burnt orange) or red apple and autumn berries. Later, a tangy hint of salad dressing and pine resin. Water releases the creamy, heady scent of rosewater Turkish delight or a perfumed candle; then fresh mint and sweet butterscotch, grass, fresh ripe apple, pear and pineapple fruit and woody tobacco or pencil shavings

Palate: Medium-bodied, rich and vibrant. Clean, sweet, fruity and full-flavoured, with the warmth of hot peppers and a creamy butterscotch sweetness, offset by fruit sharpness and a note of liquorice. Water smoothes and cools, bringing up a softer mouthfeel. The sweet fruit is well offset by a clean floral or mineral note, pepper and a nutty, biscuit dryness.

Finish: Short to medium. Very smooth and elegant, with a deep, spicy warmth. Becomes gently drying and nutty with silky, dry cocoa tannins, hints of cigar box cedar and a cleansing edge.


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