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Wild Thyme Spirits

Colonsay Gin

500ML / 47 % ABV.


In Celtic folklore, every house had a Brownie or Spirit, or in Gaelic, an  Uruisg{ oor-isk}  to help with household chores. They were traditionally male, small in stature, illusive, and worked only at night. They became attached to particular families and estates, with whom they stayed for centuries. But from the remote Hebridean island of Colonsay, tales of a something different began to emerge, tales of alchemy, tales of ALVA: a delightful, red-haired maiden, a very special Brownie with supernatural powers, a  Gruagach { groo-ah-gak}. Long, long ago, she somehow survived when her Viking long boat crashed on Colonsay's unforgiving rocks. She stumbled ashore and took shelter at  Tigh na Uruisg { tee-na-oor-isk} or home of the spirits, where she remains to this day. Legend has it that she uses all her powers to protect her secret recipes from those desperate to know. With an alchemist's delicate touch, she transforms humble botanicals into gin. Not many get to see her beauty, but all get to taste her fabulous gin.


Nose: Strong juniper and fresh pine. 

Palate: Smooth and slightly sweet, with a delicate balance of peppery spice and sherbet lemons.

Finish: Lingering citrus and crisp, clear mineral water.

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